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Technology Areas of Focus 

Ultrasound Imaging Agents

Trust Bio-sonics (TBS) is a global leader in lipid microsphere technology. Proprietary microsphere fabrication technology is applied to create small size and high stability microbubble formulations for contrast-enhanced ultrasound imaging (CEUS). TBS' microbubble enhancing agents have the features of low risk of local embolism, high imaging resolution and high contrast enhancement of small lesions. These characteristics assist physicians to collect detail perfusion information and practice quantitative diagnosis in their imaging studies.

Ultrasound-Mediated Targeted Delivery

Ultrasound drug delivery is a controlled drug release technology that emphasizes rapid, effective drug delivery. It utilizes the shock wave and cavitation effects of microbubbles under ultrasound insonation to enhance the permeability of the blood vessels in the focused area to increase the cumulative concentration of drug molecules, resulting in improved and enhanced therapeutic outcomes. This delivery technique can be applied to deliver a variety of different types of drugs, including small molecule, biologic and genetic drugs.